2022 Drive

2022 was a tough year personally and as a disabled veteran myself, depression sure show’s up when you least want it to. The previous year I felt the deep responsibility to lead the memorial services and with all the media it make it seem kind of like a show. Not that we or I don’t want coverage, but at times the burden can be great! The sadness of the tragic event was enough to bear, and to speak and sacrifice is a lot to ask in one day.

In 2022 I made no public announcement and only invited my core of supporters. Cheryl Koehler – a Gold Star Widow of Ed Koehler KIA July 18th, 2011 Afghanistan, Jimmy Perez general manager of Mission BBQ, Ayla Wolfram a very special friend, and my sons.

Cheryl drove my truck and Ayla ran for over a mile in some converse shoes. Jimmy and I ran together in the sweltering heat nearly succumbing to heat exhaustion. I never want people to think that I do any of this for the media attention. I built my truck and dedicated it to the Fallen 5 as a rolling memorial. It is for them and it is a rolling memorial which hundreds of thousands of people see each year.

We ran the almost 6 miles and did our duty. Remember the 22 veterans who die every day to suicide.