The Future

Year after year like Old Glory flying, I will make the 5,000 mile journey for the Fallen 5 to honor these men who will never be forgotten.

My mission is to turn this tragedy into a triumph!!!


To NEVER FORGET means to never forget. 5 men no longer have a voice, no way to say what they feel – so I’ll be that voice and do my best to remember them, and help others to do the same!

The importance of remembrance is the highest honor you can give to those who have sacrificed. Remember them. Their lives. Their sacrifice.

Some made it home,¬† some didn’t. Some in one piece, others in pieces. We veterans are never the same as we were before our service. Sacrificing changes you forever. When you make the commitment to protecting and serving your fellow citizens with your life, it changes you. To value other’s lives more than your own is the greatest honor. To serve…

No one really wants to die without a purpose, or to be forgotten. When you are in service for the – armed forces, police duty, fire fighting, or EMS – you have a distinct purpose and their is honor in death. If you survive, one of the hardest things to find is that same purpose afterward. You search the world over to find that same feeling of pride and honor. The importance of your past never leaves your memory. This is what being a veteran is about: to remember and help others remember.

All veterans know without saying a word what it means to serve, and to have served. We can pick each other out in a crowd and a simple, respectful nod is all we need from one another. It keeps us going. There is a brotherhood among us – regardless of branch. Not all of us got shot or killed other people, but we served as one team with one mission. WE PRESERVED AMERICAN FREEDOMS FOR ALL TOGETHER!

I believe it is my continued duty to help people remember. I want people to care. Daniel Hopson the first Co-Pilot, once said “You have to make those who care, care more,” and we did! I can’t forget about these 5 men. I served my country so this wouldn’t happen in my homeland, but it did! All this means is my mission is not over, I cannot quit nor will I.


Personally I have sacrificed thousands of dollars and loads of time to make this mission happen. It is my goal to raise enough to cover the cost  each year so I can continue this epic cross-country mission for a total of 5 years.

If you feel compelled to help, do so by contributing via pay pal or contact me for more information on sponsorship. Thank you!

Joshua D. Kapellusch

Founder of the Fallen 5 Drive.

July 16th, 2018

Blazer of Glory Maintenance