2023 Drive

For 2023 Joshua planned to participate in an epic memorial service. He wanted to start by swimming down the Tennessee River to Coolidge Park, bike back on Amnicola Hwy, run down Amnicola Hwy, drive back in the Blazer of Glory, and finish by tubing down the river to finish! This way each branch of the service would be represented!

As it would be, Joshua suffered a concussion while participating in an Art Car event in which he brought his truck to local schools to let children color on his truck! The idea was to teach children about art, cars, and patriotism. Our children are our future and Joshua wanted to instill in them creativity, excitement, and honor. While he was helping another participant fix a light bulb on their car, the hatch/truck closed violently on his head nearly knocking him out. Since then he has been recovering from a concussion.

Never quitting and never forgetting about the Fallen 5, he decided to sleep in the park on a cot as a way to suffer and sacrifice as Marines do when deployed or even at work in Chattanooga! He decided to take his canoe down the river with his sons and arrive at Coolidge park after the 1030 memorial service!

As it played out, Joshua discovered at 0700 there was a group of men called the “Shepherd Men” – another group of veteran patriots who had planned a service at 0800 and then participated in a swim downriver! Only God can plan such things! Joshua was so relieved to see others stepping up in a big way to NEVER FORGET the Fallen 5! We concluded the day with a reception at the Medal of Honor Heritage Center which was amazing! There was so much love! Joshua has always worried that in time people would forget, but the opposite has been true! Thank God! Thank you all! Be sure to check out our Facebook page “Fallen 5 Drive” for more pictures!


Shepherd’s Men honors the Fallen Five on eighth anniversary