Fallen 5 Drive

Our Mission

“To honor the sacrifices the Fallen 5 made on July 16th, 2015 and to show how Chattanoogans come together as a community, and as Americans .”


Our Story

Why would someone dedicate themselves to a higher calling, a greater purpose using every possible resource to complete a mission? Its because of love – a love for people, a love for community, and a love for those who sacrifice. A love for FREEDOM…

In our American history there are so many legendary tales of heroes that have completed missions which seemed impossible, or implausible. From George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Christmas in heavy fog, to the actions of all on September 11th, 2001, or the actions of our military, police, and community on July 16th, 2015 in Chattanooga – a common bond of perseverance, bravery, and sacrifice remains the driving force.

Since I was young I watched my greatest mentor, my Grandfather, care for his community through continued service – he taught me love for people. This led me to join the Air Force and serve my country overseas during wartime. It led me to start a Chattanooga-based company that provided clean, American fuels for vehicles so we could have domestic energy that was low cost and healthier.

Today, I cannot rest knowing there are 5 dead brothers in arms – who were killed in MY HOMETOWN. I served my country, so I thought, to prevent this very thing from happening. I was devastated upon hearing the news of a terrorist attack in Chattanooga, on my brethren. I felt anger, sadness, a loss, and a deep-seated resolve that pushed me to do something about it.

I cannot revive the men that died. I can’t write a big check to the families or pay for a monument. I can’t sing or dance well, but I sure as hell can build the World’s first and only ‘5 Fueled Vehicle’ – and dedicate it to the Fallen 5, drive 500 miles a day for 5 days, on 5 fuels, and hang a flag I saved from the Amnicola Hwy shooting site from the Golden Gate Bridge to honor the men who died. Daniel Hopson and I did it once – and I’ll do it every year from now on, God willing.

My purpose in life is to love other people and use my earthly talents to better this world as God sees fit. I have blind faith in humanity that we can come together after a tragedy, stronger than ever. We Chattanoogans will persevere. No single attack, no wayward enemy, no other evil force can ever break our bond as citizens in a loving community. We will only get stronger, we will stand tall, even with tears in our eyes – we will fight for FREEDOM. We will fight for the fallen…I will fight for the Fallen 5.

At each stop people ask questions – and I ask them if they remember the attack in Chattanooga. They remember. Each car I pass, they remember. Each mile I count, I will remember. We all must remember these 5 men who died.

I need your help. You can help by contributing funds, time, ideas  to cover the cost of the mission, because I can’t do it alone. I need your support Chattanooga. Let’s show the world how Chattanoogans came together, how we remember, how despite tragedy – we always persevere.

Joshua D. Kapellusch


Joshua D. Kapellusch, Founder of the Fallen 5 Drive

A Father, a Veteran, an American Patriot

Drivers and Riders

2016 and 2017 Fallen 5 Drive team members

Michelle Cantrell, Co Pilot, 2017

A Mother, a caregiver, and an innovator

Daniel Hopson, Co-Pilot, 2016

A Veteran, a patriot, a wingman

Daniel was a Marine, from the unit attacked.

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