Day 1, September 6th

Joshua Kapellusch

The day had finally come – the beginning of the journey! We were about to leave after all the months of waiting and anticipating! 5,000 miles and almost 2 weeks of sacrifice lay ahead – all for the Fallen 5!

In keeping with last year’s tradition – we were off to a late start! I always seem to be running a bit behind when it comes to getting the truck prepared and all our things packed! Since we did not raise the full $5,000 we personally saved the money. Michelle Cantrell contributed money and time to make the trip possible, and I am so thankful! We just installed new natural gas and propane computers, replaced the front wheel bearing, a u-joint, a steering joint, rewired the truck, and other updates. Also, the day we left we also made a new top!

Joshua Kapellusch

We arrived at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center off Lee Hwy where the shooting began on July 16th, 2015. This is where our journey begins. After paying our respects we began our journey by taking the path of the shooter. We recorded our short drive by going on Facebook live. Check our our Facebook page – Fallen 5 Drive. We arrived at the Naval Reserve Training Center and dipped our tires in the Tennessee River and put water on the flag. In this way we will connect the bodies of water – the Tennessee River and the Pacific Ocean by putting water on the flag and water on the tires.

Since we left so late we made it to Clarksville, TN to spend the night. So on day 2 we’ll be making up for the lack of mileage on the first day. Our next stop will be in Salina, KS. Stay tuned as we put on more miles for the Fallen 5!


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