Day 2, September 7th

Day 2. Clarksville, TN to Salina, KS

In Clarksville we awoke in our comfortable Red Roof Inn room and ate a delicious little breakfast. The night before was a bit long in time and short in distance. Traffic was largely to blame as we were caught in some road construction…

Day 2 was all about making up for the lack of distance we didn’t make on the first day of travel due to a late start. The destination was for Salina, KS. Last year on the trip we stopped there on the way back because we were out of propane and decided to try and get some in the morning. It seemed fitting to stop there – also because it was 688 miles away to make up for lost mileage the day before.

Joshua Kapellusch

On this “Northern Route” we drive through Saint Louis, MO which is quite beautiful. As we drive the challenge for us is to use as much alternative fuel as possible! That means planning fuel stops for propane and natural gas. We confront availability on the route and prices compared to gasoline. Natural gas ranges in price from $.79 to $2.49 per gallon. Propane ranges in price from $.1.68 to $4.99 – so you really have to pay attention to where you fill up. It is important we use these fuels because they are American!  and Clean!

Since we have so much fuel on board we are not limited much to our needs to stop. We drove across Missouri on Highway 70 and would continue on this highway for many more miles to come in the trip. We did make a stop along a detour to check out the awesome corn nearly ready for harvest! We drove through Kansas City to near Topeaka, KS and ate at the Texas Roadhouse! They have the best meals and steaks! Thank you Texas Roadhouse!

Joshua Kapellusch

After eating we resupplied at the local Walmart and chatted with some intrigued local people. We also picked up an awesome pumpkin as a side kick! One of our messages is to never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams. We arrived late in Salina, KS as our final stop for the day.

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