Day 3, September 8th

Day 3. September 8th, Salina, KS to Breckenridge, CO

Starting this day we turned on the TV and watch the news to see the Governor of Florida issuing an evacuation notice. Later that day we would see many people with Texas and Florida license places often loaded with personal items.

In our process of acclimating to the journey, we first get a plan going of where we are headed and how far it is in miles and hours. We then t

Joshua Kapellusch

ry to look up fuel stops for propane and natural gas based on how much fuel we have on board. I try not to run with full tanks of all the fuel due primarily to the weight. I like to see about ½ a tank of gasoline which equals 20 gallons. They we try to keep one alternative fuel tank full as a reserve and one at least at ¼ tank. This way if there are any problems we can simply switch fuels.

After tuning up the truck with a gasoline fuel filter change and a fluid check we ate breakfast and got coffee. Next stop was the parts store for a tee fitting for my propane and natural gas regulators. It uses engine vacuum to help regulate the fuel flow so this was an important part to fix! Then the best part of the trip thus far occurred, Propane Central filled our propane tank for free – 35 Gallons! It’s always a great reminder of the kindness in Americans hearts! Visit their location for your propane needs in Salina, KS!!!

Joshua Kapellusch

As we traveled westward, elevation ever increased and Denver was our next major stop along the route. Nearing the city we noticed a haze from dust or smog, perhaps from wind or congestion. The truck needed natural gas so we stopped and paid $1.99 per gallon and filled a record of over 27 gallons in the tank! The 125 octane rating is good for high altitude and for air pollution. I noticed that there was 85 octane gasoline for $2.59 or so and 87 octane for $2.89 per gallon.

The city was pretty and leaving Denver, you will see the majestic Rocky Mountains. Traffic was heavy for us around 5-7 pm. Departing we encountered a major issue with the Blazer of Glory! The oil gauge pressure line ruptured and

Joshua Kapellusch

was spraying oil on the motor and exhaust causing a lot of white smoke going up the hill so we pulled over. After quickly crawling under the truck I spotted the source, but not without first getting burnt with hot oil!  Michelle and I worked for about 30 – 45 minutes fixing it the problem and were back on the road.

Joshua Kapellusch

This part of the trip is perhaps the most beautiful! Crossing through the mountains and old mining towns… One of the most special moments for me was the chance of cruising with another ’72 Chevy Blazer in the tunnels in Colorado! It was awesome! We reached Breckenridge, CO that night at approximately 10:00 pm. I got altitude sickness and almost passed out, but was relieved after drinking some Dr. Peppers and eating. We found a wonderful hotel with an amazing view and finally went to bed.


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