Day 4, September 9th

Day 4. Breckenridge, CO to Salina, UT

On day 4 we awoke and departed the hotel on our way to Salina, UT. The Blazer of Glory needed some oil due to the leak the day before – our roadside repair was working! On our way out of town we noticed the Oktoberfest and our hunger so we ate some delicious traditional German food. As we left a sleet / snow / rain fell on us to leave a reminder we were in the mountains and in a convertible truck!

The terrrain and the day rolled along. The mountains have a quiet wonder about them, it gives you time to think. I wondered about what it was like to cross this terrain by wagon long ago. The early settlers of this land sure had a difficult road ahead with no guarantee they would make it to where they intended. This is similar to life’s road in many ways… This trip to honor the Fallen 5 takes us to places we never expected. On nearly every stop we are asked about the truck, the ‘writing’ on the side of it – and so we tell them and they remember the Fallen 5.

During the day we filled up with propane and natural gas later that night. A resupply stop was also needed. Somewhere outside of Salina, UT we pulled off and camped out in the Blazer of Glory for the first time on the trip. The temperature was perfect!

Josh Kapellusch

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