We Are Leaving September 6th!

The mission is set! September 6th is the day of departure! We will be on the bridge on September 11th as that seemed to be the most fitting date since we were delayed. So much work has gone into remembering the Fallen 5. The support of the community was felt and so much love was shown!

Over the past month or so we have been working hard to save the needed funds for our mission! We raised money from our sponsors and some threw in a few goodies to show their support.

The strong passion I feel to remember these men has driven me to sacrifice in the best way I know how to – which is to drive 5,000 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge where the flag will fly as it did one year ago. This flag is a symbol of solidarity and sacrifice. It stays folded until it fly’s on the bridge. This bridge to me is a symbol of where we are supposed to fight our battles. So many Marines and Sailors passed under that bridge and never came home after fighting for their country. The Fallen 5 never got a chance to fight back. So I will carry on their fight, year after year.

It seems now days, Americans are so divided. This is not how I want my country to be portrayed. This is not how I want to live. The Chattanoogan community came together on July 16th, and in the days following. I want the rest of the country to be like  we were on that day – UNITED! And we will stand –  for the flag, for each other, and for the Fallen 5. I fly a flag on the back of the Blazer of Glory for a reason, its because I’m proud of my country and love to celebrate my freedom!

Wish us luck as we depart on September 6th and stay tuned for the flag flying off the Golden Gate Bridge.


Trip Update

Times Free Press Photo By Erin O. Smith

Leading up to July 16th, we were so wonderfully embraced by the Chattanooga community! Driving the truck is helping so many to remember the Fallen 5 – and the drive is about helping those outside our community to remember the sacrifices these men made, the ultimate sacrifice.

We were on Channel 3 and 9 news locally – also in the Times Free Press: Read more here.

Times Free Press Photo By Erin O. Smith

The love we were shown has reaffirmed my mission to complete the journey. Every day I drive the truck people wave, give a thumbs up, and sometimes cry. The mission is very important. The folded flag sits in my dash as a daily reminder of why it is important.

I can’t thank our contributing sponsors enough: Mountian View Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge in Ringgold, GA, Mountain View Chevrolet in Chattanooga, TN, Hudlow Axle in Rossville, GA. Visit these businesses for any automotive need you may have – they care and invest in their community. They love Chattanooga and Chattanoogans! I also want to personally thank individual sponsors who willingly gave money for the trip! You are my heroes! To give is to love, and to heal. Thank you!

Cody Thomas – MTN View Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Times Free Press Photo By Erin O. Smith

We unfortunately are delayed in our departure due to not raising the full $5,000.00. So far we’ve raised $1,764.00 to complete the trip! I feel disappointed in myself for not raising the full amount to leave on July 16th as planned. However, we will leave before September 11th as a firm deadline. I will be personally working and saving every penny until then – in addition to getting more sponsors!

Until we leave I’ll be updating this website and Facebook. I’ve used Facebook more than this website to keep people updated as there were some technical issues with this site – but they are fixed now and I’ll be updating this site at least weekly! Stay tuned for updates… and help us to NEVER FORGET the Fallen 5. Contact me with any support or events we can participate in! Thank you so much!


Trip Update

Hello Everyone! We have been very busy generating support for our mission! Riverbend Music Festival was an amazing and somewhat exhausting event! So many people saw the truck and remembered the Fallen 5. Again, a huge thanks to US 101 for allowing us to be there.

This very website was down for almost a week due to some behind the scenes hosting problems… but after a week of hard work we are back up and running! So stay tuned for updates on the  and mission sponsors! We apologize for any problems – we were surely stressed out!!!

We were on the local Chattanooga news! On 7/11/17 we were interviewed by News Channel 3 and News Channel 9! We aired in the evening and it was amazing to see how supported we are. On Sunday, July 16th we will be in the Times Free Press so get that paper!

Here is a link to the New Channel 3 interview:



Riverbend Festival 2017

Hey Everyone!!

We are having an excellent event at Riverbend Festival – 8 Days, 5 Stages, nearly 100 Artists – downtown Chattanooga! See our Facebook for updated pictures! https://www.facebook.com/fallen5drive/

Visit riverbendfestival.com for more information!

“The Riverbend Festival, or called Riverbend (named for the bend in the Tennessee River) by locals, was started in June 1982 as a five night festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are now celebrating over 35 years as Chattanooga’s premier event.  The annual festival now goes on for eight nights and ranks in the top 10% of all American festivals. The International Festivals and Events Association has presented the festival with several awards, including 7 in 2015. Attendance continues to grow for the festival and now some individual nights attract 90,000 people, with 350,000 people attending over the 8 day period. There’s a wide variety of performers covering almost every music genre that perform at the festival.   The 5 stages set along the backdrop of the Tennessee River at Ross’s Landing, also known as the Scenic City’s front porch.

Our team has interacted with hundreds of people on each day of the festival and are growing awareness for the Fallen 5. The truck with all the lights has drawn in so many people who ask all about the mission. Most importantly people are remembering the Fallen 5 – and that’s what it is all about!

A huge thank you to US 101 who made room for our truck to be displayed! Without their support  many people would have missed out on seeing how Chattanoogans come together in a time of need. Stay tuned as we update everyone on our progress to fly the flag once again off the Golden Gate Bridge!

~ Josh


More to come – Stay Tuned! 5/18/17

We are currently building this website with content from last year’s mission, details on this year’s mission, and information on events we’ll be hosting.

Currently we are gathering support for the Fallen 5 Drive – awareness, sponsors, donors, and individuals is/are needed. Spread the word via Facebook – share our website and Facebook page. Send suggestions to Josh at joshuakapellusch@gmail.com or call/text 423.414.8233 for more info.

Lets show the world the strength Chattanoogans have!

Thank you for your support!